Coachella 2013: Watch Postal Service & Jenny Lewis Charm The Desert

Postal Service Coachella

The Postal Service's main stage performance on Saturday night was a special return, with Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello reconvening after nearly a decade of inactivity following their remarkable 2003 debut Give Up. The synth-pop heartstring-strummers went platinum with their only full offering, and only now through a reunion tour have the duo truly experienced the outpouring of support in live performance.

The show was a spectacular success. Heartstopper Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis took part in the night's events, playing guitar and exchanging longing vocal declarations on "Brand New Colony," while new song "A Tattered Line of String" received a glowing response from the crowd. The highlight, of course, was the relationship anthem "Such Great Heights," which inspired the a spine-tingling singalong among fans. 

Check out a stirring rendition of the band's "We Will Become Silhouettes":

By the sound of it, revelers on the fields of Indio may be among the final crowds the band plays for.

"Thank you for watching us play," Gibbard told the crowd towards the end of Postal Service's set. "We might see you again, we might not." 

Good thing we'll be there for weekend two!

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