Exclusive Premiere: My Goodness’ New Video ‘I’ve Got a Notion’

Seattle power-rock duo My Goodness has returned in roaring force, with a fierce determination and a downright scary sound. CraveOnline hears serious promise in the combination of Joel Schneider (guitar/vocals) and Andy Lum (drums), and we're proud to present the world-premiere debut of their brand-new video for "I've Got a Notion".

Performed in a hazy garage studio, the bombastic rocker is guaranteed to put serious hooks in music fans looking for new blood and a higher caliber of intensity. Spin the volume knob on this one, 'cause "quiet" is only for those who can't handle this kind of ass-kicking:

"[The video] captures what it's like to come see My Goodness live," Andy explained." It's loud and it's no nonsense, but it also captures what it's like when we practice too. I know that sounds silly, but if you were a fly on the wall in our practice space, this would be the vibe you'd witness."

Recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge studios with esteemed Seattle producer Rick Parashar (Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Temple Of The Dog, Blind Melon), the band's new 7-inch for “Cold Feet Killer” b/w “I’ve Got a Notion” is set for release later this month. Shortly thereafter, My Goodness will head back into the studio begin work a new full-length album with Parashar.

We can't wait to hear the results!

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