10 Super Smash Bros. U Characters We Want to See

According to Nintendo we're going to get our first glimpse at the next Super Smash Bros. at E3. Now, typically an announcement for an announcement wouldn't get us excited, but as this is Super Smash Bros. we're talking about, we're willing to make an exception.

To quell our excitement, we're trying to keep ourselves occupied by attempting to distract ourselves… by conjuring up a list of 10 characters we really want to see in the next Super Smash Bros. Yeah, it's not really working.

Nonetheless, here's the list. Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments section below.


As Ubisoft's 2D reimagining of Rayman has elicited an even stronger critical response than perhaps even Mario's "New" sidescrolling antics, the limbless platforming hero would fit in perfectly alongside the cuddly cast of characters already featured in Smash Bros. Aside from being adept at brawling, the addition of Rayman would also mean the addition of some cool stages. Can you imagine fighting on Castle Rock? We can.


While we understand the reasoning behind putting a new "Legendary" Pokémon in each Smash Bros. and not reverting back to the original 151, we'd also really like the opportunity to fight as that most elusive of pocket monsters, Mew. 

Unfortunatately, we can't realistically see this happening, as the slot typically reserved for a new  Pokémon character will probably be filled by a badger/horse hybrid, or whatever other abominations they're pedalling to kids these days.


The Magikoopas have proven to be one of the more irritating enemies in the Mario series, and none are more irritating than their leader, Kamek. Floating around on his broomstick, Kamek can completely alter the terrain using his magic wand, with plenty more tricks up his huge sleeve, too. Kamek could add an interesting new dynamic to Smash Bros. and, if nothing else, would at least see the Koopas finally represented in the fighting series.

Mega Man / Mega Man X

Considering that Capcom seems to have no idea what to do with their old mascot anymore, we can't see any reason why he shouldn't make a return to the console that first made him famous. With two skins (his retro NES look and the nimbler, sleeker Mega Man X from his SNES days), Mega Man has a wealth of unique abilities at his disposal that would inevitably make him a fan favourite.

Mickey Mouse

Although Epic Mickey and its sequel may have both been disappointments, seeing as how Mickey Mouse has splashed his paint across Nintendo's past two consoles, it would be great to see the infamous Disney mascot lock horns/oversized ears with the portly Nintendo mascot. Plus, his inevitable paintbrush attacks could make for some interesting usage of the GamePad. 

Professor Layton

Considering that Nintendo has already announced that the next Smash Bros. will be available on both the 3DS and Wii U, it seems only right that their handheld platform mascot will make an appearance in the next iteration in the fighting series. Even though it would be an obvious struggle to devise his fighting style, he'd at least have the most dubious accent in the series. Well, excluding Mario's. And Luigi's. 


Step 1: Secure Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive to your console.

Step 2: Put Bayonetta in Smash Bros.

Step 3: Watch fanboys' heads explode.


The main reason for playing as Scribblenauts protagonist Maxwell would undoubtedly be getting to utilise his special 'Smash Ball' move, where the player could introduce whatever they wanted in order to kill their enemies. A dinosaur? Check. A man-eating plant? Double check. A fire-breathing cupboard? Triple check.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim was the star of arguably the funniest game of his generation, but nowadays it's uncertain whether the current generation of gamer would have even heard of him. Let's change this by putting him in the next Super Smash Bros., cow catapults and all.

Created Characters

It's almost inevitable that a Smash Bros. in the future will give players the opportunity to play as their Miis, but we're not talking about simply bringing your avatars into the brawl, here. We're talking a full on customisation suite, like the one featured in WWE. Creating your own monstrosity and pitting up against the Smash Bros. series' cuddly cast of characters would be a huge draw, especially if it utilised the GamePad's camera. Imagine being able to put your face on a fighter, EA GameFace style, then using him/her to punch Mario in his oversized nose? WE WANT.

Paul Tamburro is the UK Editor of CraveOnline. Follow him on Twitter @PaulTamburro.