Sundance 2013: Vintage Trouble

Sundance 2013 Video: Vintage Trouble

Imagine the blazing R&B energy of a mid-60s James Brown or Otis Redding coupled with the gritty rock/retro soul pulse of a Black Keys.  Now, suit up that band in throwback vest suits and velvet ties — and turn that wired Tasmanian Devil loose on stage.

"Let's start some trouble," laughed Ty Taylor, lead singer of the L.A.-born foursome Vintage Trouble.  

After forming in 2010, Taylor, along with guitarist Nalle Colt, bassist Rick Barrio Dill and drummer Richard Danielson, have become fixtures on the L.A. and U.K. club scenes, unleashing crackling live performances powered by an infectuous, refreshingly different kind of vibe.

Vintage Trouble's unique sound and feel has attracted some big-name fans, including rock legend Roger Daltrey.  The Who frontman fell in love with the raucous newcomers, leading to the band's inclusion as the opening act on The Who's current North American tour.

In between Who dates, the band found time to throw down at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival for a sizzling set at the Star Bar in Park City.  Afterward, they sat down with Crave to talk about their unusual on-stage dynamic, their hard-charging attitude and how they're working to bring old school to a new school audience.

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