7 Wheel of Fortune FAILs

Being on a nationally televised game show is a high-pressure situation, which I’m sure impacts the ability for most contestants to think clearly. That being said, look at all these dum-dums who screwed up on Wheel of Fortune! Here are 7 video clips of major Wheel of Fortune FAILs:


Alphabetical Order of Onion Rings

That fart noise was actually in the show.


Magic Wand

The magic is gone at Reed College.


Basking In The Warm Sunshine

I’d like to buy an ‘oof.’


Superman and Wonder Woman

That’s when he regretted taking his wife to see Kiss of the Spider Woman.


Wood-Burning Stove

They’re all from coal country?


Clam Digger

“No ‘N’… Hmm… Racism.”


Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa

They’re all heroes and they’re all driving me insane!


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