Rock It Out! Ep 75 – Gareth Hijacks The News


The 75th episode of Rock It Out! is upon us, with your weekly rock-music news video series bringing you up to date on the biggest stories of the week!

Rock It Out! is usually brought to you by host Sami Jarroush, our Chicago man on the scene who runs the daily music video blog RockItOut!Blog. Today is a little different, however, in that Sami's bespectacled, scarved and pube-chested alter ego Gareth has taken over as host for the week. And as you can see from the screenshot above, Gareth is no fan of his task today. In fact, Gareth doesn't seem to be a fan of anything at all.

Nevertheless, our trusty host is here to bring you all the music news you need to be on top of this week, including Jack White's pseudo-spat with Lady Gaga, Mastodon's new music for the Monsters Inc. prequel, the new Atoms For Peace record, Eddie Vedder's new radio show and more!

Check out the last episode of Rock It Out! and check back next week for another installment of the best damn music-news video series on the net!