Drive-By Domestication: Municipal Waste Gets Holiday Festive


Welcome to CraveOnline's brand-new music interview series, Drive-By Domestication, with host Zeena Koda at the wheel! 

Every two weeks Zeena – a spitfire rock goddess who moonlights as a SiriusXM DJ, VJ & vocalist for the band Aphonia & Gazelle – will extract the core domestic instincts in some of your favorite artists, whether it's challenging their cooking skills, testing cleaning abilities or drawing obscene faces on pumpkins. In "Drive By Domestication," Miss Koda will show you a side of these musical gems you've likely never seen.

In this flagship episode, Zeena hones in on her art skills for a festive fall sit-down with old friend Tony from Municipal Waste. Currently trekking across the US on a co-headlining tour with Napalm Death, the Waste have been dishing out the Fatal Feast to multitudes of sold out crowds. Check out how Tony's artistic interpretations live up to Zeena's in this Thanksgiving edition of "Drive By Domestication."

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