Nick Saban For President?

If you know anything about south, you know that football is the premiere religion in states like Alabama. Therefore, it comes to no shock that we see a Crimson Tide fan wrote in Nick Saban for president while voting in Tuesday’s election. posted the image below via @jonchumbler, which shows Saban as president and Alabama men’s golf coach Jay Seawell as vice president.

Considering Saban’s ingenious prowess and ability to scare anyone into doing whatever he demands, I actually don’t think this write-in is a bad choice. That being said, here are my top 5  write-ins for the presidential election of 2012.

5. Charles Barkley

Can you just imagine how many times a day we would hear, ‘that’s turrible!.’

4. Dick Vitale

How could foreign relations not improve after throwing around so many ‘babies.’ I mean, that would be just fantastic, babbyyyy!

3. Lou Holtz

The man is as wise as he is old. He only becomes more likeable as his lisp-slurpy-like voice texture mature season after season. Plus, if he is an America homer as much as he is Notre Dame, we’re all golden!

2. John McEnroe

If he can argue diplomacy and fiscal responsibility as well as he can a tennis ball staying in-bounds we have ourselves a winner.

1. Steve Young

If we’re going to have a Mormon in office, it might as well be a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Photo Credit: Young : Jeff Lewis/Icon SMI
Holtz: John Korduner / Icon SMI
McEnroe: Icon
Vitale: Ray Carlin/Icon SMI
Barkley: Icon

Saban: Getty Images