Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax: Fans Shave Heads For #BaldForBieber Trick

Some days, the internet rises to the "top yourself" trolling challenge with flying colors. As the Twitter collective is aware, star hackings and fake celebrity accounts are everywhere, from Will Ferrell to Rihanna to President Obama and Bill Cosby. But this new one takes the cake, resulting in Justin Bieber fans shaving their heads in misguided support of their pubescent hero. 

Billboard.com reports that a hoax announcement that Justin Bieber has cancer has resulted in hordes of sympathetic fans shaving their heads in support of an ill-advised "go bald for Bieber" movement.

Let's be clear: Justin Bieber doesn't have cancer. There is no health scare, besides the obvious deep testosterone deficiency. 

A few days ago, 4Chan – aka the bowels of the internet – reportedly hacked into the official Twitter account of Entertainment Tonight, posting the tweet along with a pic of some bald youngsters holding signs saying they would go #BaldforBieber.

"Pop star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support," read the tweet.

Right below that was another fake tweet, but this one from Justin Bieber's account:

"Several of my AWESOME supporters are shaving their heads to help get me through this! I love my fans! #BaldforBieber," the fake tweet reads.

Shortly after the tweets, a website, BaldforBieber.com, launched showing photoshopped tweets from the pop star thanking fans for support. From there, word spread on Twitter and even YouTube. Naturally, the sycophantic supporters sprang into action, and the hoaxmonster took on a new life:

For those who need a little more evidence that their beloved cherubic eunuch hero isn't sick, Bieber's bodyguard Kenny Hamilton confirmed via Twitter that he's cancer-free.

Oh, internets. You so crazy.