Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Drop Beautiful Equality-Supporting ‘Same Love’ Video


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been making waves – the good kind – for their new Mary Lambert-featured video for "Same Love," their emotionally powerful song in support of marriage equality. The tear-jerking video follows a gay couple from birth to death, with lyrically progessive support of sexual and marriage equality, spotlighting how the media and hip-hop culture in particular view gay marriage. 

Directed by Jon Jon Augustavo and Ryan Lewis himself, the video paints a story of one man’s lifelong struggle with his natural tendencies, alongside the gripping lyricism and a beautiful hook by Miss Lambert. The video is also mixed with iconic images of civil rights protests, making the message even more powerful. Watch below.


The song follows the smash success of "Thrift Shop," the first single from the duo's debut album The Heist (out 10/9), which knocked out 5 million views in a month and was the #1 most shared song on Spotify in America last week. Something tells us this one's going to top it.

Pick up the single on iTunes.