7 Games of Dog Tetherball

It’s every dog’s dream to become the next Air Bud, but – believe it or not – most dogs will never get the opportunity to play professional basketball. However, tetherball is a high-jumping game that most dogs can play. Plus, unlike the Air Bud movies, the games are actually fun to watch. Here are 7 games of dog tetherball:


Bulldog Tetherball

Not enough low growling.


Scout vs. Bean

*Golf Clap*


Corgi Tetherball

Stop being so damn cute!


Sylvie vs. Stella

The best years of my life are spent watching dogs play tetherball on the internet.


Australian Cattle Dog Tetherball

Meet the Michael Jordan of Tetherdogs.


Boston Terrier Tetherball

A fight broke out – penalty box! (Penalty dog house?)


Dogs vs. Human Boy

The smart money’s on the dogs.


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