Attika7’s Biker Helmet Design Contest

In the spirit of the new show on Discovery, "The Devil's Ride," Attika7 wants to see your helmet! Design your very own biker helmet, put that sucker on and take a pic to share on Facebook. Tag yourself and Attika7 for a chance to win some sick goods! 

ATTIKA 7 is pleased to announce a contest to win autographed gear, concert tix and more, sponsored by Hot Bike magazine. The contest is in celebration of the release of the band's upcoming July 31st release, Blood Of My Enemies, hitting stores via Rocket Science Ventures/THC : MUSIC.

Create a unique ATTIKA 7 themed biker helmet, then take a picture and post it on Facebook. Make sure to tag ATTIKA 7 in the post! The band will create an album of their diehard fans in their designed helmets. The photo with the most “likes” will win the prizes below! CONTEST ENDS July 31, 2012. 

A message from ATTIKA 7 frontman Evan Seinfeld:

“OK, so helmet laws suck and even though that whole "better safe than sorry " thing applies to anyone on a bike, the reality is that in most states in the US you gotta wear a helmet,” states ATTIKA 7 frontman Evan Seinfeild. “If you wear one, why not represent for the ATTIKA 7 "Hellbound Army". That's right soldiers, ATTIKA 7 has teamed up with HOTBIKE magazine, bringing Bikers and Metalheads together (shit, we are already together, but what the hell!). “We wanna see your most BADASS interpretation of how to proudly transform YOUR brain bucket into an ATTIKA 7 banner of defiance! Show us what you got and let’s get CREATIVE! It’s time to express yourself as individuals. Let the cops know as you go by that ATTIKA 7 means FUCK YOU! We will be judging the BEST helmets out there personally and will have all kinds of awesome prizes for the winners. If you don’t win, at least  when you ride by, people will know not to fuck with you unless they want to be part of a trail of the Blood of YOUR enemies!!! See the info for the contest and how to submit your photo to our Facebook page below.”

You heard the man! Now it's time for the treats…


1. Two free tickets to the ATTIKA 7 show of the winner’s choice in 2012 (transportation not included)

2. Signed band poster or 4×4 lithograph.

3. Cloth banner signed by Rusty and Evan.  

4. Exclusive HOT BIKE MAGAZINE baseball caps.

Check out the official ATTIKA 7 Facebook page and Hot Bike Magazine Facebook page for updates!