10 Comics Starring Dolan and Gooby

If you ask the internet whether they like Disney characters Donald and Goofy, they’ll give you a cold, blank stare. However, ask about the Dolan and Gooby meme and there’ll be plenty of laughter and knee-slappery to go around. Those two MS Paint cut-ups are always getting into some kind of mischief. Here are 10 comics starring Dolan and Gooby:



Dolan's a wiley one.


Funey Biznus

Why didn’t Dolan ever get a Disney Afternoon series?



It’s Ninjo Gaidolan.


Gurl Toy

Gooby is a brony. This news does not surprise me.


Berhtday Present

They’re best friends.


Nu Trik

Kids, don’t Dolan at home.






Gooby, whenever Dolan has something “nue” to show you, be very skeptical.


Rokit Car

When the police asked Dolan about the incident, he told them Gooby did it.



Dolan’s eating the steak with fava beans and a nice chianti.


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