Hilarious Streaking Videos

There was a time when streaking used to be huge. A magical time when taking off your clothes and running balls-first through a crowded wedding reception was considered a passage into responsible adulthood. We here at CRAVE demand that it be brought back! And we're taking charge by shamefully hiding our grotesque bodies and showing you videos of people steaking instead. 

Celebrate your body by disrupting someone's semi-important/peaceful nirvana-esque life by running around naked in front of them. You won't be sorry. The cops might. But you won't.

Take a look:


Going fof the Gold:

Nudity and drinking usually go together 99% of the time. Except now.


Batman Roots for the Orioles:

There are better ways to celebrate bringing down Clayface, Bruce. 


Guy Sneaks onto Field Dressed as Ref:

The camera operator is clearly a fan of the word, "yeah." Also, Arizona State rules. Suck it, UofA!


Mascot Takes Out a Streaker:

It must be a real rush having your scrotum crushed by giant blue mascot. 


Streaker at the Oscars:

Fun Fact: This was actually Marlon Brando with a fake mustasche. 


Graduation Streak Win!

Kudos to you, sir. You're immortalized as a naked jackass.


Naked Fence Jumping Tackle:

I wish I could tell you the the sisters let Andy be… I wish I could tell you that.


CRAVE ONLINE is in no way endorsing streaking like a wimp with your undies on.