10 TV Drinking Games

A lot of networks are investing in “enhanced viewing” apps, which you can use while watching shows to unlock bonus content. Call me old fashioned, but nothing enhances the viewing of a TV show like a good ol’ fashioned drinking game. There’s no app that’ll get me piss drunk while watching Dexter… yet. Here are 10 TV drinking games:


Game of Thrones

A Lanister always plows through drinks. [via]


Law and Order: SVU

This drinking game is anything but messed up (because it’s great). [via]


Big Bang Theory

We are gonna get so f***ing bazinga’d tonight! [More]



If the entire episode has a crazy theme, like Claymation, all squares are (x2). [More]


Shark Week

Fact: a shark won’t attack you if you’re really drunk. They’re very sporting creatures. [via]



Murder your liver. [via]



After watching the finale, you don’t even need a Bingo card to prompt heavy drinking. [via]


MTV Video Music Awards

Whenever someone in the room says today’s videos all suck, take a drink. [More]


Family Guy

If you’re a lightweight, just be glad “Back To The Future reference” isn’t on the list. [More]


Ken Burns’ Prohibition

Fact: college kids throw the bitchinest Ken Burns viewing parties. [More]


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