11 Comedians Giving TED Talks

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) has been putting their speakers’ talks online since 2006. They’ve hosted a wild range of speakers, from Bill Gates to Bill Clinton (lots of Bills), including a number of hilarious comedians from around the world. Here are 11 comedians giving TED talks:


John Hodgman: A Brief Digression on Matters of Lost Time

This talk syncs up perfectly with the extended, 18 minute version of the X-Files theme song.


Julia Sweeney: “The Talk”

Women have their own pond? Sexy!


Emily Levine: A Trickster’s Theory of Everything

There are princes and dwarves, but let’s not forget about helpful forest creatures.


Joshua Walters: On Being Just Crazy Enough

Everyone in a room doing their one-man shows all at once? I believe that’s called Nightmare Island.


Maz Jobrani: Did You Hear The One About The Iranian-American?

I’m afraid his inner conflict is only gonna get worse…


Ursus Wehrli: Tidying Up Art

I think all the visuals should have been passed around slides.


Charles Fleischer: All Things Are Moleeds

I’m gonna name my first child Bolotnista if it’s a girl, Djabran-Fluctus of it’s a boy.


Ze Frank: What’s So Funny About The Web?

Remember when Googling yourself was a new idea? I don’t!


John Lloyd: Inventorying The Invisible

As a matter of fact, he’s right.


Rory Bremner: One-Man World Summit

Comedians around the world mourn the passing of George W. Bush’s presidency.


Improv Everywhere: Spinning Beach Ball of Death

It’s like all my computer’s problems have come to life.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header via.