8 Furniture Items For Your IRL Bat Cave

Sure, you could decorate your adult bedroom with normal furniture. Girls won’t get weirded out, parents won’t groan when they visit – I get it. However, if you’re a true Dark Knight enthusiast, you’ve gotta throw the Batarang of caution to the wind and deck out your room in Batman stuff. Here’s a helpful guide to Batman furniture items. Send Alfred to pick these up:


Batmobile Bed

This might literally be the car of your dreams. [via]


Batman Dresser

You need to store all those latex codpieces somewhere. [via]


Batman Ceiling Fan

The Joker has made it uncomfortably warm in your bedroom! Time to switch on the Bat Cave’s ultimate defense mechanism. [via]


Batman Coffee Table

Needs more comics on it. Or at least, the latest issue of Better Homes and Bat Caves. [via]


Batman Sofa

Chillaxin’ with The Bat. [via]


Batman Mirror

Perfect for a Batdello or Catwoman House. [via]


Batman Arm Chair

Fact: if you watch The Dark Knight from this chair, you are an honorary Batman. [via]


Batman Alarm Clock

Bat signal — Gotham needs me! And by “Gotham,” I mean, my regular job. [via]


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