Google Music Launches With Pearl Jam, Stones, Coldplay Freebies

Google Music is finally out of the beta stage, where the program has been invite-only for some time. Now available to everyone, the free service not only allows to upload up to 20,000 songs without charge, but offers several free music promotions in addition to more than 13 million tracks, with instant access to purchased music in your online storage cloud from anywhere you may travel.

Here are the free offers to help lure new users to the service:

-The Rolling Stones’ never-before-released live album Brussells Affair (Live, 1973)

-Pearl Jam are offering a live recording of their recent concert in Toronto, Canada, from 9/11/11

-Coldplay's single Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall (live), as well as 5-track EP from a recent concert in Madrid and a remix by Tiesto

-Dave Matthews Band's Live on Lakeside performance

-Busta Rhymes' new single "Why Stop Now"

To sign up to Google Music, simply head to and log in with your Google (Gmail) account. Users will need to download the Google music program on their computer and as for now, you must be resident in the United States to use it.

Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Google's Mobile division, announced the service launch on Wednesday, saying:

"Google Music helps you spend more time listening to your collection and less time managing it."

Google has also added a music store on the Android market, offering more than 13 million tracks. Music can be purchased from a computer or an Android device with the application. Any music you buy from Google shows up in your online storage locker and does not count against your 20,000 song limit.