Tom Morello, Immortal Technique Join Occupy Wall Street Movement

While Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has taken the cause to television and rapper Lupe Fiasco has taken a courageous stand in his show of support for the rapidly-expanding Occupy Wall Street movement by taking part in protests and voicing his support, Immortal Technique has joined the tray with some fiery remarks of his own. 

Lamenting that American money is worth "nothing” in his recent visit to the protests, Immortal Technique spoke on a number of topics related to the extermination of the middle class in favor of widespread corporate benefit.

"They want to push the mythology of America. They don't believe in democracy. The money’s not gonna make anything [better],” the outspoken rapper explained. “The imaginary paper that you make is really worth absolutely nothing. We’re tired of listening to the same old lies. And at some point the people of this country will stop being pacified. We'll stop being placated.” is a movement among the people of America to make sure that time is now. They're urging us all take a stand against what has increasingly been proven to be a monopoly of power, wealth and privilege consolidated among a tiny fraction of the American population – at the continued and escalating expense of the American public.

Calling themselves the "99 Percenters," the group – whose efforts thus far have been suspiciously ignored by mainstream media – calls for those with “an interest in returning the US back into the hands of its individual citizens” to take part in refusing to accept cuts to social programs, infrastructure and education as a way to resolve our financial crisis.

Pointing out that only 400 of America's wealthy elite control more revenue than over 150 million American citizens, the movement aims to demand a solution to the present economic and political climate that doesn't rely upon a legislative process many feel has become corrupted by widespread corporate loyalty and misaligned priorities.

The Wall Street protests began in mid-September and have continued ever since, with increasing numbers and mirrored uprisings in both Chicago and Los Angeles, where a full demonstration is set to begin October 1st. Learn more at and

Watch the full Immortal Technique video below.