Track Palin Got Arrested For Beating Up A Woman Again

Track Palin


In January 2016, Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track Palin, was arrested for domestic violence after beating up his girlfriend then pulling out his gun, pointing at his head and saying, “do you think I’m a pussy?“. Obviously the answer to that is “yes”, because he was arrested again last night for the same thing. This time with felony burglary. Per LA Times:

The charges seem to stem from an incident in his family’s hometown of Wasilla, though further details about what happened were not immediately available. Palin, 28, was arraigned Sunday morning on three counts: felony burglary, misdemeanor reckless assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief for causing up to $500 in property damage, according to online court records. Each of the charges was related to domestic violence. The felony burglary charge indicates Palin is accused of hurting or attempting to hurt someone while committing burglary.

Ah yes, those good old family values. Whatever, this is probably just a case of the liberal media reporting facts again and not focusing on what the American people want like jobs and tax cuts for billionaires and what not. I’ve said all I needed to say about this piece of trash here, but this is pretty great news for Bristol, because it isn’t a story about a Palin who is pregnant and seems confused about how they got pregnant even those there’s only one way to get pregnant. Every time Track beats a woman, it’s a win for Bristol.