Michael Fassbender Is Probably Your Next James Bond Maybe Who Knows

Michael Fassbender


Although I’d much rather see Idris Elba as 007 (yes, I know Idris Elba isn’t white much like I know Scarlett Johansson isn’t Asian), it looks like Michael Fassbender will probably be the next James Bond. Read this first, then feel free to type angry in the comments about that whole Scarlett Johansson thing.

James Norton and Michael Fassbender are the frontrunners to become the next James Bond in the week Daniel Craig became the second longest-serving 007. Craig has starred as the spy in four films over more than 11 years, although is it not known if he will continue in the franchise. His last outing as Bond was in 2015’s Spectre, but shortly after its release he said he would rather “slash my wrists” than appear in another film as the secret agent. According to bookmakers Coral, betting has surged on Norton or Fassbender taking over from Craig.

Fassbender has straight up said in interviews that he doesn’t want to play James Bond at all, but I’m sure if they come with enough Bond money, he’d play James Bond and any other Bond they’d like him to play. Maybe JaMarcus Bond. If dude can play a guy in a purple helmet and cape, he can’t be above playing a spy on a yacht who drowns in pussy.