Alexis Arquette Died Yesterday

Alexis Arquette

There’s a lot of Arquette’s, but one of them (Alexis Arquette) died on 9/11. Don’t think that was on purpose. Probably not. 

Alexis Arquette died Sunday morning surrounded by family and friends … the family confirms to TMZ. Alexis’ brother, Richmond Arquette says Alexis died at 12:32 AM while listening to David Bowie’s, “Starman.” Besides being the sibling of David and Patricia Arquette — Alexis was known for her roles in “Pulp Fiction” and “The Wedding Singer,” as well as being a champion for trans rights.

Alexis was reportedly battling an illness according to one of the brothers, but the last time I wrote about Alexis Arquette called Will Smith an enemy of the gays and said Jada Pinkett Smith walked in on him fucking Benny Medina. Why? Because they were boycotting the Oscars. Apparently being a trans icon doesn’t keep you from being an asshole. 

Here’s Alexis Arquette in Pulp Fiction shooting his shot and also missing.

I had to put these pics of Vanessa Hudgens somewhere. Sorry.