Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging This Now


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BREAKING: Leonardo DiCaprio is having sex with a model. 

Leo DiCaprio was out with yet another blond model on his arm Wednesday night. DiCaprio showed up to Bodega Negra with a posse of six, including Polish model Ela Kawalec. The pack later celebrated Tao group partner Jonathan Schwartz’s birthday at Marquee, where, according to a spy, they appeared “couply. They were dancing. Leo was dancing with her in his arms and canoodling. They were doing their thing, bumping and grinding.”

Best part of the story imo:

A source close to ­DiCaprio told us it was just a typical night out for the star.

Look, now I realize this girl is no Jenny Slate. She’s probably not “quirky” or “funny” or “recently divorced” or “objectively good-looking” (Jesus, calm the hell down, Salon), but she is an Elite model with huge tits. That generally works for most people.