This Model Says Justin Bieber Drugged Her In Australia

Bailey Scarlett Justin Bieber

This is Bailey Scarlett. I assume that’s not her real name. She was in a recording studio in Australia last night and said Justin Bieber and his paid friends spiked her drink. You can read her full account here. Be sure to read the part where she was panicking and Bieber told her she just had “Bieber Fever”.  There should be an international lottery and whoever wins gets to crack his skull then airdrop him into Pakistan.

Justin Bieber was at a recording studio in Australia Sunday night … and a woman who was there claims she was drugged — but other people at the studio say nothing like that happened. In a social media post, the girl, an Australian model named Bailey Scarlett, says she was invited to the studio in Melbourne, Australia and poured herself a drink of vodka and lemonade. She claims she set the drink down and was chatting with some other girls there. However, not long after that — Scarlett says she began to feel woozy and her vision became blurred. She says she began to cry and Justin sat down with her to calm her down. Scarlett says she then went outside after her condition got worse and the police were called. Law enforcement in Melbourne tells TMZ, they responded to a call at the location for a woman who “believed her drink had been spiked.” She was then taken to a local hospital and advised to make an official report about the incident. We’re told at this point she has not yet filed a report. Jimi Wyatt, who owns the recording studio, says they have reviewed footage from the event and claims Bailey’s cup is visible the entire time — he says her drink was never touched. Alex McDonnell, who organized the event, tells TMZ he believes the girl was having a panic attack. Bailey Scarlett has since made the post private claiming it was for legal reasons. 

I mean, she could have just had a panic attack, this could all be a false flag operation to keep Justin Bieber out of Australia, or more realistically, this chick is telling the truth. That would suck. But I guess the good news for Bieber is that 40 more victims have to come forward before his fans believe her.

 Here’s some pictures of Justin Bieber. He believes in Jesus and wants to live like him. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.