Lena Dunham Was Moved By Viola Davis’ Emmy Speech, Not Really

Viola Davis Emmys

Last night, Viola Davis become the fist black woman in the 67 year history of the Emmys to win Lead Actress in a Drama series for her role in How To Get Away With Murder, then proceeded to give the speech of the night. Man, what a great time for self-proclaimed feminist Lena Dunham to applaud and cheer the historic occasion. Wait, no not really. Take it away, Lena. Show us that liberal feminism at work.

Lena Dunham Viola Davis

 To recap: white lady, white lady, white lady, hey a Puerto Rican, white lady, white lady, white lady, white lady. But didn’t three other women win Emmys last night?

Viola Davis Emmys

Oh yeah, here’s two of them. Lena probably just forgot.

Viola Davis Emmys

Ah, Lena didn’t know Viola Davis has an Instagram. She should have dropped the #alllivesmatter hashtag at the end so we’d know what she really meant.

(h/t ONTD)