Miley Cyrus Wants Devil Horns, Pierced Spine

Nina Agdal

“These kind of devil horns?” ” No, Nina go sit down.”

Miley Cyrus is the reason why weed can’t be legal.

A friend tells In Touch magazine, “She’s leaning toward getting silicone horns implanted in her head. Miley wants them to be very out there, like devil horns!” And that’s not all! “She’s also interested in a corset piercing,” the friend adds. “It’s when you get holes pierced around your spine and you can actually put ribbons through those holes in a crisscross fashion to mimic the look of a corset.”

Let’s take a look at Miley’s 2015 year in review, shall we?: naked, naked again, this bullshit, pansexual, fingering a model, this other bullshit, naked again, whatever this was, this particular bullshit right here, and now she want to implant devil horns on her head and punch holes in her spine so she can use Michael’s coupons. At what point does Billy Ray Cyrus join ISIS so he can read an article about something else with his name in it.