Disney World Wants None Of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was honored with a bust at Disney’s Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza that includes other celebrities who have been inducted into Television Academy Hall of Fame. That’s coming down now, because it’s probably not the best idea to have a statue of an admitted serial rapist in the happiest place on Earth.

A Bill Cosby statue is being removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, a Walt Disney World spokeswoman said Tuesday evening. The statue was to come down Tuesday night after the park closed. Disney did not have further comment….An online petition had circulated for months calling for the removal of the Cosby bust..

Man, fascism at it’s finest. Just another liberal assault on the proud heritage and history of serial raping. Heritage not rape. Cosby used the Battle Quaaludes of North Virginia and they’ve been used for things other than rape but mostly rape. Anyway, yeah that’s how dumb you sound. More than 30 women have publicly (“publicly” being the keyword), have come forward, all telling the same story, plainly stating Bill Cosby drugged them, raped them, then left them to feel powerless and victimized for the rest of their lives. The irony being, the civil lawsuit documents were only released because Bill Cosby had a habit of being a sanctimonious dickhead who liked to preach “family values”  while simultaneously sticking his dick in passed out women. So familiar? (HINT: It’s always the “family values moralists” ). All we have to do know is sit back and wait for Bill Cosby to say it was mistake and God has forgiven him. But when you watch The Cosby Show now, try to understand that much like the Confederate Flag, what’s displayed isn’t what it actually represents. I hope that clears this up. Gonna go post titties now.