Justin Bieber Is Being Sued By His Old Neighbor For Being ‘Anti-Semitic’

You’d think that Justin Biebers roast would have effectively washed away all the bad stuff Bieber has done, but remember that time he egged his former neighbor’s house and had to pay him $80K? Well, his former neighbor’s name is Jeff Schwartz, and if the name didn’t give it away, Schwartz has found a way to squeeze even more money out of this situation. Mozel tov!

Justin Bieber is being sued by his former neighbor whose house was egged by JB and his buddies, claiming he and his wife have suffered emotional distress because the singer’s bodyguard called him “little Jew boy.”  But Schwartz wants more, claiming Bieber and his crew terrorized their Calabasas neighborhood while JB lived there, with loud parties, drag races and disgusting encounters which included Justin spitting on him, something Justin has denied.   Schwartz also claims Bieber hurled obscenities at his wife and minor daughter. Schwartz claims on Memorial Day weekend of 2013, Bieber was speeding around the neighborhood in his Ferrari. Schwartz and a friend walked over to Bieber and told him to stop because he was putting lives at risk. He claims Bieber’s bodyguards then came out and one of them called him a “little Jew boy,” and repeatedly said, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?” Schwartz wants damages for emotional distress.

“Little Jew boy”? What are we in, Palestine?! Nazi Germany?! What will the GOP think about this?! Or Jeff Schwartz’s psychiatrist he’s had since his bar mitzvah?! How many times has his mother called?! Did Jeff just accidentally eat meat with dairy?! What are his thought on the nuclear deal with Iran?! Does Justin even know that Israel is the only sovereign Jewish state besides NYC, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Beachwood, Miami, Philadelphia, and mostly all of Quebec?! I hope all these questions and more are answered in this lawsuit.