Bruce Jenner Is Gonna Turn Into A Woman On His Own TV Show

Bruce Jenner


Buffalo Bill Frances Dollarhyde Bruce Jenner has been evolving in his hair extension and hormonal injection chrysalis for a while now, but soon, very soon, her will transform into a beautiful butterfly weeknights at 9.

Bruce Jenner is shooting a docuseries about his life changes that will air on television … TMZ has confirmed. We’re told the footage has been shot over the last few months and chronicles what Kim has described as Bruce’s “journey.”  We’re told the footage is a very personal look from Bruce’s vantage point of the process of changing. Multiple sources say the documentary will include interaction with Bruce’s kids and ex-wife Kris and how they are receiving the news. One source familiar with the production tells us when Bruce talked openly with the family, at one point Kris “lost it.”  We’re told all of Bruce’s kids — the boys and girls — have been “extremely supportive.” 

I used to live in Miami for a while, and the transgendered women there have probably made more than one dude question his own sexuality, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue here. I also don’t think we’ll see anything gross on here, because I assume his dick was removed sometime in 2008 over the course of several arguments with Kris.