Mark Wahlberg Still Wants The Dudes He Almost Killed To Pardon Him

In 1986, Mark Wahlberg, then 15, and his friends attacked 12-year, Jesse Coleman (who is black) while he was minding his own business walking down the street. They chased him, threw rocks at his head, and screamed racial epithets while injuring two of Coleman’s classmates. The next day, they did the same thing to Jesse, screaming “Kill the nigger!” before an ambulance driver came to Coleman’s aid. One of the classmates, Kristyn Atwood, still has a scar from attack. Wahlberg’s punishment? A civil rights injunction. Meaning, he walked in court and they said, “lol we can’t beat up on niggers anymore, white boy. be on your way lol”. Two years later, Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese immigrants, Thanh Lam and Hoa Trinh, while he was trying to steal beer. Graduated from rocks, Wahlberg beat Thanh Lam unconscious with a stick, leaving him permanently blind in one eye, while screaming “gook” and “Vietnam fucking shit”. His punishment? 45 days in jail. In 1992, Wahlberg fractured his neighbor’s jaw, because the dude just happened to be standing there. Later, Wahlberg co-opted black culture to make millions as a rapper. He wants to be pardoned now, because he’s a famous movie star. His victims want him to go fuck himself.

“I don’t think he should get a pardon,” Kristyn Atwood tells the Associated Press. Atwood, now 38, was one of a group of mostly black 4th grade students on a class trip whom Wahlberg and his white friends threw rocks and shouted racial slurs at during an incident in 1986. “I don’t really care who he is,” Atwood says. “It doesn’t make him any exception. If you’re a racist, you’re always going to be a racist. And for him to want to erase it, I just think it’s wrong.”

So when Wahlberg said he would have prevented 9/11 if he would have been on the plane, it wasn’t because he is some warped version of an American hero that we’re all deluded in believeing, it’s because he just likes beating the shit out of brown people. And 9/11 would have given him an excuse to kill some. Hey, that’s basically the plot of American Sniper. Wahlberg should have just enlisted instead and avoided all this headache.