Here’s Nancy Grace And 2 Chainz Debating Marijuana Laws


If there’s anybody who could use a tightly packed bowl, it’s Nancy Grace, but she’s against marijuana because OMG THE CHILDREN. As usual, her form of debate is talking over her guests and instead of listening, she waits for her chance to talk, and if weed  is legalized, then parents will force their 2-year old children to smoke and get high. In contrast, because he’s probably high as fuck, 2 Chainz calmly and logically makes his points about governing your own household, the useless drug laws, and the overcrowding of the American justice system, but Nancy Grace would like him TO THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN OMG WATCH THE VIDEO OF AN ISOLOATED INCIDENT OF A HORRIFIC PARENT AND IF WEED IS LEGALIZED THEN BABIES WILL DIE IN THE STREETS BC WEED. Idk, maybe if some moms  had access to legal marijuana, they wouldn’t drown their kids in a tub. They’d probably just order them a pizza and watch Netflix.