Sony Thinks James Franco’s Terrible Acting Ruined ‘The Interview’

The leaked Sony emails seem to not be stopping any time soon, and if it were Thanksgiving, I’d be thankful for that. But after threats from North Korea about releasing The Interview, Sony is planing on releasing it anyway, even though they know the product that brought their entire existence down and might start WWIII could have been better if James Franco wasn’t in it.

Sony executives always knew something bad was going to come from the controversial new flick “The Interview” — they just thought it’d be because of James Franco’s terrible acting, hacked emails reveal. “James Franco proves once again that irritation is his strong suit which is a shame because the character could have been appealing and funny out of his hands,” Sony Pictures UK executive Peter Taylor wrote to his colleague in an email obtained by Gawker. Taylor goes on to call the film, which centers around the assassination of North Korea’s dictator, a “misfire,” saying it is “unfunny and repetitive [with] a level of realistic violence that would be shocking in a horror movie.”

I mean, James Franco can’t act. I don’t think that’s really up for debate, right? Him and his brother sound like they just learned English most of the time, and if you’re gonna put James Franco in anything, just give him a bong a hit record. But the CIA is super into torture, so hiring James Franco seems like pretty solid casting to me, I guess.