John Boyega Would Like You To Kindly Get Over It

After a week The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer hit online Friday, and there was a black guy on screen at the beginning, so you knew the reaction was going to go all down hill from there. Specifically, John Boyega (star of one of my favorite movies) in a stormtrooper suit because OMG A BLACK GUY IN A STORMTROOPER SUIT THAT’S UNRELAISTIC BECAUSE THE GUY IN THE SUITS WAS A WHITE GUY. Actually, the guy in a stormtrooper suit is Maori, and Han Solo and Luke Skywalker also wore stormtrooper suits. Also keep in mind that there will be a white guy in a Wookie suit, a Guatemalan flying an X-wing, and several people using laser swords. Also, keep in mind that George Lucas made all this shit up. It isn’t real. That’s probably the best thing to remember. Another good thing to remember is that another movie is coming out on December 12th where an Australian plays Moses and Jesse Pinkman plays one of the 12 spies of Israel, if you want to get mad about that instead. No? Oh, ok. But John Boyega would like to have a word.