The Cops Went To Justin Bieber’s House Twice Last Night

Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner


When you’re a rich, white male, laws usually don’t apply to you, but Justin Bieber is super annoying and everybody hates him because he’s a wigger douche prick with a mustache made out of fairy pony hair, and regardless of race or creed, we can all come together to mutually hate that kind of person.

According to law enforcement sources … Bev Hills P.D. went to Bieber’s condo TWICE last night to deal with noise complaints. The first visit was shortly after 11 P.M. … but when officers arrived they didn’t hear anything, so they left without knocking. The second time — around 12:40 A.M. — there was noise … we’re told around 30-40 people were milling around Bieber’s balcony. Cops knocked on the door, and spoke directly to Justin … reminding him his neighbors could make a citizen’s arrest if the noise continued, but Justin was cooperative and agreed to break up the party. As we first told you … JB was supposed to be out of this building at the end of September, but he’s been traveling around Europe for several weeks … and hasn’t found a new pad yet. 

Like, how many times do the police have to deal with this dude? I assume he’s unarmed most of the time, so why don’t they just shoot him and say he was resisting. What’s the hold up? You don’t even have to fill out a incident report. Those are basically optional anyway, and the cool thing about it is that you can investigate the shooting yourself and there’s really no data to say how many times you’ve done it before, so who really gives a shit? Just make sure you show him a razor so he starts running away then shoot like 20 times. Or however many times you think would be best. Eyewitnesses will probably try to stick their nose in your business, but understand you’re a cop, so you can do whatever you want. How awesome is that?! I think that’s pretty awesome myself and I usually don’t say “pretty awesome” normally.