Amanda Bynes Is Still Doing Great No Worries



You need to pass a test and get a license to tie a hook to a string then drop in a lake, but Amanda Bynes is free to travel from coast to coast with a fragmented pysche and voices in her head. Fantastic.

Amanda Bynes is off to NYC … and she is not well. Amanda was at LAX Thursday night at an airport restaurant, acting bizarre, painting her face with excessive amounts of makeup.  Sources connected to Amanda tell us she was visibly high all day, talking to herself and complaining about her life. The pics below are from a Thousand Oaks, CA hair salon, where Amanda got a dye job. She was there for several hours — again acting bizarre — before heading to the airport. We believe she is now in NYC.

I really hate to sound like Fox News and appear that I’m just sticking to talking points here, but WHERE ARE HER FUCKING PARENTS?! Why is she traveling so much? Why is she dying her hair? Why is she eating in a restaurant with a brunette? Did John G. rape and murder her wife? Stick collar this bitch and get her off the street and into a hospital before she tries to set a park bench on fire because she thinks it knows secrets about her.