Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery, Theft

Justin Bieber Attempted Robbery


Being a born again Christian is hard.

Justin Bieber is under investigation for several crimes — including attempted robbery — for lunging at a fan at an arcade and sports bar … attempting to get the guy’s cellphone. Justin and Selena Gomez were at Dave & Buster’s Monday night when a fan starting taking cellphone pics and video of the two. Law enforcement sources say … Justin lunged at the guy … in an attempt to take his cellphone and presumably erase the pics and video. Justin’s security held him back and he never made contact with the fan. Police were called but before they arrived Justin booked it out of there. Our law enforcement sources say the fan wants to press charges and Justin is being investigated … and the possible crimes are attempted battery, attempted theft (stealing the pics) and attempted robbery (grabbing the camera in an attempt to permanently deprive the fan of the pics and video). Justin could be in big trouble, because he’s on probation in the egging case and violating the law could trigger a probation violation which could land him in jail.

It’s obvious that Justin Bieber is no angel. His past crimes and continued run ins with the law clearly show that he has a propensity for violence. If he was to be shot by police, even if he was unarmed, don’t mourn him, because the world would be a safer place with  one less thug off the street. It’s sickening that the liberal media and girls who haven’t had their first period yet will go to great lengths to paint him as a martyr when he’s gone, but maybe America should focus on his victims instead. They’ll want to demonize the officer who shot him, but don’t let them tell you it wasn’t a good kill. Police are under constant attack from belligerent, violent criminals, and sometimes they have no choice but to shoot to kill when faced with such a threat. The linked video clearly explains that a trained police sometimes can’t remain in control when dealing with a dangerous criminal and must use deadly force, because the end of the day, they should be the ones who go home to their families.

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