Donald Sterling’s Side Chick Says He’s Gay And She Was His “Beard Mistress”

V Stiviano


Much like when a man smells a new and willing vagina, when a woman smells money, there are literally no depths to what she will say or do to get her hands on all of it. These are just fact, people. So, knowing that, Donald Sterling‘s former mistress, V Stiviano, is now saying that Sterling is not only a racist, but a closet homosexual who used her as a “beard mistress”. Let that sink it for a minute.

Donald Sterling’s former assistant claims she never had sex with the billionaire bigot because he’s homosexual — and she was his beard. V. Stiviano made the bombshell allegation in court paperwork filed Thursday as an answer to a prior lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife, Shelly Sterling, a source told the Daily News. Shelly Sterling’s original lawsuit depicted Stiviano as a money-grubbing femme fatale who duped the former Clippers owner into giving her a Ferrari, $240,000 in cash and a $1.8 million house on the outskirts of Beverly Hills. “We deny all the allegations,” Stiviano said in her answer to the original allegations. She maintains she was Sterling’s opposite-sex escort, who he paraded in public to conceal a truth he wanted to keep private. “V.S. was D.T.S’s beard for three years prior to the filing of suit,” the answer claimed. “V.S. is informed and believes that (Sterling) is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.” The answer said that Shelly Sterling was “acutely aware of his orientation and condoned” his behavior, including his decision to give “gifts, money and other properties” to Stiviano for her public companionship. “Such gifts” were lavished “in the capacity” of Stiviano being “D.T.S. and Shelly’s beard,” the answer said.

So, let me get this straight. Donald Sterling is a closet homosexual. A closet homosexual who has managed to keep this a secret while having a beard wife for decades. But, wait, he didn’t stop there. He also hired a beard mistress, so people would think he was just a cheating prick instead of gay. Does this sound way too complicated to anyone? John Travolta and Kelly Preston are happily married and he’s never cheated on her. Just saying. I realize her contersuit doesn’t make sense, but please realize, it’s either this or finding a job.