Who Wants To Run Strapless With Alexandria Morgan?

Alexandria Morgan TomTom



Like running? Like Alexandria Morgan? Like NYC? Like spending money? Like running with Alexandria Morgan through NYC with spending money? Then TomTom has you covered.  All you have to do is get on Facebook, because who are we kidding, you’re on Facebook right now anyway, go to TomTom’s page, and hit that like button. You already liked a link about some ginger kid doing the news, so this shouldn’t be that hard. That ginger kid won’t even introduce you to Alexandria Morgan. And he doesn’t even make watches that monitor your heart rate through a sensor on your wrist. The kid probably doesn’t even know what electrocardiography is, but  TomTom Runner Cardio‘s lets you train in one of five intensity zones depending on your goals. Your goal right now should be liking TomTom’s page on Facebook though.


*sponsored post by TomTom