Kristin Chenoweth Is Patient Zero

Kristien Chenoweth


Living in Atlanta now has made me overly hypersensitive about an Ebola outbreak from two people trying to do God’s work. And if I can be honest, I’m not feeling it. So it gives me pause when somebody tweets about a mysterious illness with no context.

Back in la. Unable to move. Numbness and tingling in arm. Going to cedars dr tomorrow. Ah anyone who prays please do!

Waiting on MRI results. No matter what I will be ok. Thanks everything for praying and sending good vibes. #thinkingpositive

Prayers, huh? I think those missionaries did a lot of praying, and they still got Ebola. Now they’re just in quarantine waiting to die. Probably still praying, still got Ebola. We have to be diligent and cautious here, because I know there’s probably at least one chick in Buckhead who hopes she gets Ebola before bikini season ends.