Ben Affleck’s Degenerate Gambling Will Ruin ‘Batman v. Superman’

Ben Affleck Gambling


Zach Snyder didn’t need much help to ruin Man of Steel, but it seems Ben Affleck is gonna help out in ruining Batman v. Superman by pissing away the Wayne fortune at the Texas Hold Em table.

After scathing reviews and dismal box office numbers when Affleck played the title role in 2003’s Daredevil, he has faced even more scrutiny for taking on the legendary caped crusader Batman. “He’s been under so much pressure playing Batman, he is absorbing himself into gambling,” added the source. “He’s taken the criticism so personally, especially after the failure of Daredevil. Those who’ve seen the film think it’s going to be a hit and all worth it, but he’s feeling a lot of pressure for it to do well.” Those closest to Affleck understand the need for a bit of distraction, but some believe it’s gone too far. “It’s a way to just to be with the guys, but he seems obsessed with poker,” continued the insider. “It’s now beyond a family issue. It’s starting to worry people. It’s too much and everyone around him is saying they have to find another outlet for him.”

Affleck has a long history of not being able to stop himself from gambling, so I guess we can call this sickness. Just like people call anything that can be solved by will power, but they just make up some disease and call themselves predisposed to like gambling or tequila or whatever. We have lots of treatment centers and specialists who are cool with taking your money to keep you believing you’re “sick”. But what about people who start their restaurant orders with a question? Where is their treatment center? We as a society should consider that.