Casey Kasem’s Body Is Missing

Casey Kasem


Since most humans are vile, disgusting creatures (created in God’s image), Casey Kasem’s body is reportedly missing, because he had a lot of money and people who didn’t earn it want to make sure they get it. I guess whoever has the body last wins? I’m not sure. I really don’t know the rules of this game.

The last days of legendary radio personality Casey Kasem revealed a bitter family feud, which did not end with his death. Now there are reports that his body is missing. His daughter Kerri, who founded the Kasem Cares Foundation, says her estranged stepmother won’t tell the family where her father’s remains are. A judge granted Kasem’s daughter a temporary restraining order preventing the famous radio host’s wife from cremating his remains, but it’s unclear where those remains are or whether they’ve already been disposed of. A lawyer for Kerri said Friday that when he went to give a Tacoma funeral home a copy of the restraining order, he was informed it no longer had the remains. “They said they could not disclose where he had gone or where he would end up,” said the lawyer, Scott Winship. Tim Grant, funeral director at Gaffney Funeral Home & Cremation Services, confirmed Friday that Kasem’s body was no longer there. “I cannot discuss the actual arrangements themselves, but he’s no longer in our care,” he said.

This is a sad situation, and it’s really too depressing to get into, so I’ll just remember Casey Kasem as the first pothead my mom allowed into our house.