Ice T’s Grandson Accidentally Killed His Roommate

Ice T Grandson


This story is made up, because Ice-T has a grandson? You're telling me Ice-T has a grandson? This is what you're saying? Nope. Not buying it, sorry.

Elyjah Marrow — grandson of rapper Ice-T — was arrested after he accidentally shot and killed his roommate … TMZ has learned. Cops tell us … 19-year-old Marrow was fiddling with a handgun in his Georgia apartment Tuesday when it accidentally went off, fatally wounding roommate Daryus Johnson, who was also 19. Marrow was charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct. He was also hit with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm. He is currently in custody.

So, possession of a stolen firearm and some weed he was trying to sell. I'm sure he's seen New Jack City, c'mon now, dude. Don't do that. Your grandfather served in the drug war during his deployment in Los Angeles so wouldn't have to. Just go back in time and just accidentally kill the roommate so you can say you're a true patriot whose freedom projectiles became self-aware and wanted to dispense justice before it was confiscated and melted down to erect a giant statue of Obama hugging a terrorist and aborting a baby. Why should you be charged? It's only the gun's fault when you're the one killing someone, right?


You really have disappointed your grandfather: