Liam Neeson’s Nephew Got Drunk And Broke His Brain

Liam Neeson


"Don't climb on that thing over there."


Ronan Sexton, Liam Neeson's nephew and possible Bond villain, got drunk and climbed on top of a 20 foot phone kiosk at 4am. Guess what happened next? He was *takes on sunglasses* taken to a hospital.

 Sussex Police said Friday that Sexton is in critical condition, and there were no suspicious circumstances to the incident. "Ronan is receiving wonderful treatment from the dedicated staff at Hurstwood Park," his family said in a statement. "We gratefully receive all the love, support, prayers and good wishes for Ronan's full recovery to good health. We would appreciate privacy at this time."

Life tip: Don't marry or be related to Liam Neeson. Your skull will crash into things.