Katie Cleary’s Husband Killed Himself She Hung Out With DiCaprio

Katie Clearly


These hos ain't loyal.

"Deal or No Deal" model Katie Cleary says her husband's suicide over the weekend had nothing to do with photos that surfaced of her hanging with Leo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier … but the husband's friends tell a different story. TMZ broke the story … Andrew Stern — who married Cleary in July 2010 — shot himself in the head Sunday, and law enforcement tells us he was suffering significant stress over marital problems.

In Katie's defense, she does have a nice ass and this dude was obviously crazy (he tried to kill himself at a gun range before this), but when your chick parties with Leonardo DiCaprio, what can you do besides kill yourself? Oh, I know. Bang another chick. Trust me, it's really not that difficult. If you go outside, you might see one. I know, right?! They're everywhere!