Stacy Dash Has A 25-Year Old Model Boyfriend

Stacy Dash


Stacy Dash has hidden in plain sight for far too long among us as the world's first documented African American Mexican vampire Republican immortal, but unlike humans, they do not age. That is their weakness, that is how we shall win. Anyway, she's 47. Amd she's dating some model dude she met in her building. He's 25.

“Clueless” star-turned-Fox News contributor Stacey Dash is dating a man 22 years her junior, it was revealed Friday night. Dash, 47, a three-times divorced mother of two, is dating toyboy Michael Evers, 25, an aspiring model and actor who lives in her building in Los Angeles, first reported. We’re told Evers is now due to join Dash on a trip to NYC next month.

Ooh, an "aspiring model and actor". Does that mean he hasn't modeled or acted yet, he just thinks about it a lot? And maybe has a wish board in his apartment? Or does that just sound better than saying he is aspiring to pay back all the money Stacy Dash is gonna be lettting him borrow. I'm sorry, I know there's a lot of other details in this story. For instance, the phrase "'Clueless' star-turned-Fox News contributor" is in Revelations.