Wait, Han Solo Really Did Break His Hip

Harrison Ford Blade Runner


Pictured: Rick Deckard and Rachael Not pictured: Han Solo


I was kidding, but not really I guess. Everything is basically broken on Harrison Ford now.

Harrison Ford’s injuries on the “Star Wars: Episode VII” set could be worse than previously reported. Ford, who plays Han Solo, broke his ankle Thursday when the door of a set fell on him at a British movie studio, but some news outlets claimed Saturday the actor, 71, also injured his pelvis. Ford had “pelvis injuries and may have had a chest X-ray,” an insider told the Sun newspaper.

Ok, Harrison Ford is 71. At 71 I'm guessing the hip kinda becomes hit or miss. So what exactly are they making him do, push the Millennium Falcon? I'm not understanding what's going on here. Just film all his scences in a chair. Why are we making this difficult? But as long as his arm is ok he can go pitch for the Braves.