Justin Bieber Is Posting Bible Verses Now


Justin Bieber has only been alive for 20 years, but during that time, he's pissed in a mop bucket, screamed at mother and her child who were asking for an autograph, sang a song about niggers and the KKK on video, egged his neighbor's house, charged with reckless driving through his neighborhood, committed vandalism, got busted for a DUI on an expired license, assaulted a limo driver, resisted arrest, impregnated Selena Gomez out of wedlock, and informed police that he smokes weed and takes prescription drugs. But it's important to remember that he's a follower of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and his teachings, and since he got his head dunked underwater one time, everything he's done doesn't matter because he's going to heaven. Why don't you haters understand this?