Everybody Remember Eiza Gonzalez? You Should

Miley Cyrus's 2013 MTV VMA performance is why aliens will soon colonize us and use us as food, but it was also the reason Liam Hemsworth snapped back into reality and realized he proposed to Miley Cyrus. So while she was crying in "Wrecking Ball", he put his phone in airplane mode and banged Eiza Gonzalez for about a month until the taste of wigger hillbilly was ceremoniously cleansed from his dick palate. Eiza is now on the kickass El Rey Network as the TV version of Salma Hayek in the TV version of From Dusk Till Dawn, in the way too obviously titled From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. So to promote that, she showed up on Extra yesterday wearing this dress and having these legs. I'm going to publish this post now so you can look at the pics and so I won't have to put another word in italics.