Ben Affleck Got Banned From The Hard Rock In Vegas For Counting Cards

Ben Affleck Casino Ban


Ben Affleck must have gotten some tips from Bill Belichick.

Affleck was in Sin City earlier this week with wife Jennifer Garner. We're told he planned the Vegas trip as a romantic getaway before he ships off to Detroit for several months to shoot his new Batman movie. But things took an unromantic turn Tuesday night — Hard Rock casino sources tell us, Affleck was playing blackjack at a high rollers' table when security swarmed. According to sources, security informed Affleck he had been deemed an "advantaged player" and was no longer allowed to play blackjack at the Hard Rock. We're told security had spotted Affleck counting cards … a gambling strategy that involves counting card values to decrease betting risk. Counting cards isn't technically illegal, but it can get you kicked out of a casino — which is exactly what happened to Affleck. We're told security arranged for a car service to take him back to his hotel. FYI, Affleck is a well-known card shark — back in 2001, he reportedly amassed $800,000 in blackjack winnings (at the Hard Rock no less) by playing three $20,000 blackjack hands at once.

This is pretty badass, because casinos bet on the fact that you're too drunk to count. Which is why it's pretty weird that Native Americans own a lot of casinos. I'm not entirely sure how that business plan works.