FHM Named Jennifer Lawrence “Sexiest Woman In The World”

Jennifer Lawrence


LOL. I can't really take a list seriously when it has Kaley Cuoco and Nicole Scjwhateverthefuck in the top 10, but if you can honestly tell me with a straight face that Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest woman in the world, then hey, more power to you. But please keep in mind that Candice Swanepoel's corpse could be in a ditch for two weeks, and it would still be sexier than forehead here. I'm pretty sure this list was composed by all women, because women love them some Jennifer Lawrence. She's pretty, but not too pretty. She's in shape, but not too in shape. She's passably intelligent, but goes out of her way to make herself look like a dumbass as much as possible. She's a successful movie star, but wants you to make damn sure that she's just like you! She's surrounded by professional stylists and makeup artists, but fucks up everything they do by tripping and falling every time she's on a stage or red carpet (not anywhere else though). Basically, she doesn't make other women jealous. I could go on, but my burrito just got here. Talk amongst yourselves.